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Manuel Schöllig

Product Manager Soldering
Inventec Dehon

Product manager for soldering products, including solder pastes, liquid and tacky fluxes.

Manuel Schöllig has submitted responses to the following questions.
Full Aqueous Clean or Local Spot Clean
As flux vehicles of water-soluble solder pastes for most water soluble paste are highly activated (ORH0, ORH1), they have high ...
Question About ESD Ionizer Guns
Compressed air can create static charge thus to be on the ESD-safe side the use of an air ionizer gun ...
Solder Paste Stencil Inactivity
The time solder paste can be left on a stencil without printing or wetting it depends on many different factors ...
Storage To Prevent Corrosion
Concerning the prevention of corrosion, there is several reasons to consider depending on the factors causing corrosion: Material surface – ...
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