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Anki Forsberg

Senior Quality Engineer - PCB Assembly
Axis Communications

Over 27 years of experience within the PCB assembly area. Hands on experience troubleshooting SMT on a global basis as well as implementing and setting up new processes/technology/equipment. ESD questions is also a key area.

Anki Forsberg has submitted responses to the following questions.
Baking Old PCBs Prior To Reflow
You didn’t mention what type of base material or surface finish the PCB’s have. Especially the surface finish of the ...
Conformal Coating Bubbles
From your description, yes – this is an IPC-A-610 defect. These bubbles bridge the gap between the adjacent leads – ...
Matte Black Solder Mask Defects
It is hard to see very clear on the image, but it definitively looks to be more severe issues than ...
Oxidation of Solder Balls During Secondary Reflow
Your question didn't provide much information about the assembly, so I'm going to assume you mean an assembly with BGA ...
Acceptability Standard for Plated Hole Barrel Fill
Since the connector have mixed pin technology - you probably aim to use pin-in-paste as a means to mount and ...
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