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John De Leeuw

Manufacturing Process Engineer
TE SubCom

John has more than thirty years of precision metal fabrication, contract manufacturing, fiber optics and electronic manufacturing experience in quality and production management and process engineering capacities. He has been a Certified IPC Trainer for more than ten years. He is currently a Manufacturing Process Engineer for High Reliability Optoelectronic assemblies used in undersea fiber optic cable systems.

John De Leeuw has submitted responses to the following questions.
Question About ESD Ionizer Guns
Air blown or drawn by vacuum over board surfaces can generate considerable static charge. IPC-A-610 identifies compressed air as a ...
Solder Joint Blow Holes
Without clearance between the component and the destination side land of the PTH, this phenomenon is possible and even more ...
Challenge Wetting Solder to Brass Pins
I would expect brass to be an unlikely material for connector pin, since it is typically hard to solder to. ...
Point to Pint Soldering vs Drag Soldering
In my experience, drag soldering with a slant chisel or "hoof" tip is strictly a surface mount technique. I would ...
Exposed Copper Defect
Basically, so long as exposed copper or basis metal is not part of the required solder fillet area or the ...
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