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Paul Dickerson

Supply Chain Engineer
Matric Group

Mr. Dickerson is an engineer with 20 years of manufacturing experience. He has worked supporting SMT, THT, cable assembly, and box build processes. He is a Certified SMT Process Engineer.

Paul Dickerson has submitted responses to the following questions.
Specific Solder To Control Dendritic Growth
It is not normal for a customer to specify the solder paste. There are a number of reasons for your ...
Moisture Sensitivity Level for Bare Boards
Your PCB supplier will be able to provide you with this information. Unfortunately, these requirements will vary depending on the ...
Is Solder Mask Considered an Insulator
We had a similar concern a few years ago. In talking with IPC, it was determined that soldermask is not ...
Stainless Steel Benches and ESD
We have used benches with stainless steel tops in certain areas for years. The important thing is to make sure ...
Concerns With Silver Finish Component Leads
The issue you will face is that the silver will leach from your component leads into the solder joint. This ...
Selective Solder System Purchased At Auction
You have two basic choices: Purchase a replacement solder pot and parts from the OEM. You could drain the solder ...
Cleaning to Remove Solder Balls
I would spend my efforts in eliminating the creation of the solder balls. If these are being created during your ...
What Is Causing Sticky Stencil Blades?
If everything is correct on your printer, here is one quick solution: If you have fluxophobic stencil treatment wipes, simply ...
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