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Paul Reid

Program Coordinator
PWB Interconnect Solutions

Paul Reid has over 35 years experience in bare board fabrication, quality and reliability. Working for PWB Interconnect Solutions, which does thermal cycle evaluations (IST) of representative coupons, Paul provides failure and root cause analysis of how PWBs fail. His area of expertise includes how circuit board's copper interconnections and material fails in assembly, rework and in the field, as a result of thermal cycling.

Paul Reid has submitted responses to the following questions.
Very Low Temp PCBs
I would think that dealing with such cold temperatures the solder joint will be the main concern. As for surface ...
Circuit Board Bow and Twist
Your problem with excessive bow and twist may be addressed by the direction of the warp and weft, on each ...
Via Wall Thickness Test
One way you could find thin plating is to measure resistance in a flying probe type of application. You could ...
Removal of Non-functional Pads from Inner Layers
This is a very interesting question. What we find is that,from a reliability point of view, based on thermal cycle ...
What is Causing Laminate Cracks?
We perform a lot of material testing on coupons that are representative of the circuit board. By representative what I ...
Delamination Dilemma
What we find is material damage can be grouped into four types that include adhesive delamination, cohesive cracks, crazing and ...
Class 2 vs. Class 3
There are three Classes of printed boards called out in IPC-6011 that include Class 1 General Electronic Products, Class 2 ...
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