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Richard Burke

National Sales Manager

Mr Burke currently has eight years of thermal profiling experience in the Electronics Assembly industry including SMT, Wave, Curing, Wafer Bumping, Ceramics and a host of other thermal processes. He is a Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania School of Business.

Richard Burke has submitted responses to the following questions.
Competing Reflow Oven Zones
It sounds like you are using an auto-prediction feature that came with your profiling package. Although typically very accurate, there ...
SMT Component Shift
Two identical reflow ovens that are properly maintained does not guarantee that the ovens are performing identically. Have you run ...
Reflow oven testing and calibrating concern
First of all, nothing can take the place of running profiles of your actual PCB's. It's very important to know ...
Lead-Free Reflow Soldering
When you say you've gathered profiles from paste manufacturers, I assume you mean you have their data sheets with recommended ...
Reflow oven profiles
A Ramp profile is also referred to as a Linear or Tent profile. Its shape resembles a tent where it ...
Reflow oven profilers
You may not want to hear from me because I do have a vested interest in selling profiling equipment. However, ...
Regarding lead free, can I use the reflow ovens I currently have in production?
Much will depend on the physical characteristics of the assemblies and the condition/configuration of your ovens. Most likely, your Heller ...
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