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Tom Forsythe

Vice President
Kyzen Corporation

Mr. Forsythe is a recognized expert in cleaning chemistries and processes. Tom has a Bachelor's in Applied Mathematics & Engineering from the US Naval Academy. He is well published in both the industry trade magazines. Tom has spent the last 14 years with Kyzen Corporation.

Tom Forsythe has submitted responses to the following questions.
Stencil Cleaning Procedure
Here are my thoughts on the process you are using:IPA isn't an effective choice anymore. It was effective on the ...
Is Baking Required After Aqueous Cleaning?
Your answer is generally no. The vast majority of assemblies cleaned in an aqueous process, with or without cleaning materials ...
Cause of Unusual Contamination?
Unusual contamination indeed! The most obvious characteristic of this contamination is its linearity. Next, it apparently stops and starts where ...
Flux Residue Visible After 3 Months
The concept of no-clean materials is that the residues remaining on the surface are of no consequence to functionality of ...
Ultrasonic Cleaning Causing Damage
These days, the cleaning of no cleans is only surprising to the marketing people at solder companies. It is a ...
Cleaning solvent to replace Forane 141b?
You are correct, 141B is no more. There is an array of replacement materials on the market. Some of these ...
Cleaning PCB Boards with window cleaner?
From your question, I assume you are a fan of survivor. You know the show where people are parachuted onto ...
Is lead contamination during cleaning of PB-free stencils possible?
The short answer is maybe. We need a few more details. The cleaning agent you are using is generally used ...
Which cleaning solution do you recommend to avoid damage to relay contacts, coils and filters?
There are many possible solutions to the problem you have identified. Let's walk through the key aspects of this question. ...
Separate wash systems for leaded and non-lead boards?
Short answer, generally no you do not need separate systems ~ with the caveat that your system maintenance and operations ...
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