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Mark Stansfield

Founder / Director
SolderStar Ltd

Co-founder and M.D of UK based thermal profiling equipment manufacturer SolderStar Ltd. He has software and electronic design experience specifically in the development of thermal profiling solutions for the electronics industry.

Mark Stansfield has submitted responses to the following questions.
Seeking Advise for a Solder Reflow Recipe
You are right, given you have 7 zones, you have a fighting chance. You will most likely need to set ...
Rechecking Thermal Profiles
Yes it is important to perform periodic checking, many of our customers perform a check before every new shift especially ...
Lead Free Reflow Oven Zone Count
The biggest problem I see in our customer base with profile set-up problems is not having enough zones to effectively ...
How Many Zones Needed for Lead-free Profile?
A higher zone count will definitely help with regards to setting up lead-free profiles. The higher peak temperatures required for ...
Lead-Free Reflow Soldering
The profiles specified in the solder paste manufacturers datasheets cannot be used per say. These normally give the information on ...
Reflow oven profiles
All reflow profiles can be simplified as 3 stages, RAMP/SOAK /SPIKE (or reflow). The RAMP profile or RAMP TO SPIKE ...
Reflow oven profilers
Yes you are correct; much of the information readily available on the importance of thermal profiling comes from the manufacturers ...
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