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Mitch DeCaire

Sales Manager (Americas)
Cogiscan, Inc.

Mitch DeCaire, Sales Manager at Cogiscan, has served the electronics manufacturing industry since 1989. His prior experiences include process engineering, business development, and engineering management roles with Nortel Networks, Vansco Electronics, Universal Instruments and Siemens.

Mitch DeCaire has submitted responses to the following questions.
SMT Components Popping Off During Reflow
Can you see any bulging or deformation along the bottom face (underside) of the components that popped off? If so ...
BGA Component Moisture Exposure
If the components surpassed allowable moisture exposure limitsprior to reflow, which sounds likely, then they may have incurred internal damageduring ...
Reworked BGA component bridging at the corners
Moisture is often the culprit in cases like this. Absorbed moisture and resultant hydrothermal stresses during reflow can cause excessive ...
Recommended lead to hole ratio
Refer to the Industry Standard for Printed Board Design (IPC-2221). It specifies through hole component pads, holes, and hole to ...
Ideal humidity for circuit board assembly
If your facility's ambient RH is only 16% then you are more prone to ESD (Electro Static Discharge) related defects. ...
Bake Tape and Reel Components
The recommended bake temperature for components in Tape and Reel is 40C. If you use a bake temperature higher than ...
Bake for Repair
I suggest you refer to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1. Table 4-1 of this industry standard provides reference conditions for drying moisture sensitive ...
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