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Jack Crawford

Director - Certification & Assembly Technology

Mr. Crawford is Director of Certification and Assembly Technology for IPC. He is technical liaison to the IPC committees that maintain critical industry standards and has presented numerous papers internationally.

Jack Crawford has submitted responses to the following questions.
IPC-A-610 Solder Joint Acceptability Question
IPC-A-610E Clause 1.4 answers this question. "This document provides acceptance criteria for completed electronic assemblies. Where a requirement is presented ...
Passive component void limit
It is commonly recognized that voiding is likely to occur when any two flat surfaces are soldered together. Voids are ...
Which term to use, PWB or PCB?
This question has been discussed numerous times at IPC meetings and usually enables a fair amount of emotion. All of ...
Component Rework Limit
There are too many variables involved with any decision about how many times an assembly or a specific connection can ...
PCB Cleaning
Wiping the solder paste from a mis-printed circuit before machine cleaning is not advisable for two reasons: 1. Wiping mis-printed ...
What is the correct coupon for moister and insulation test
Thanks for your question. The answer is derived from Appendix C of IPC-9201 Surface Insulation Resistance Handbook. This Appendix discusses ...
Through Hole Soldering on 24 Layer Board
Hand soldering a large masses such as your thick board is always a challenge. Wave or reflow soldering systems have ...
Procedure for handling moisture sensitive PCB's
IPC task group D-35 is developing a guide for storage and handling of bare boards. This group has recently expanded ...
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