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Bhanu Sood

Laboratory Director
CALCE, University of Maryland

Bhanu Sood is the Laboratory Director at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) and actively assists companies and organizations in all aspects of electronics reliability. Sood's key focus area is in design reviews, custom tests, and failure analysis services. He has authored several articles on board and component level reliability and unique failure mechanisms in electronics.

Bhanu Sood has submitted responses to the following questions.
Pre-bake in a Vacuum
Vacuum ovens will certainly reduce baking temperature to below 105 C. As prescribed in IPC-1601, a weight loss v/s time ...
Rework of Underfilled Array Packages
A few commercially available organic solvents can be used to dissolve and remove a cured underfill from under an area ...
Delamination Causing Scrap
Really, here are some broad suggestions to address your problems: (a) determine delamination caused by moisture vs. others - by ...
Puzzling PCB Reflow Delamination Problem
PCB delamination remains quite common, yet tricky, with a number of contributing root causes. Firstly, it is not clear why ...
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