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Eric Camden

Lead Investigator
Foresite, Inc

Eric has been in the electronics industry for over 14 years and manages the C3 technical user group, Failure Analysis project management, Rescue Cleaning Division and is one of three Lead Investigators at Foresite.

Eric Camden has submitted responses to the following questions.
Need for Reflow Profiles
Strongly disagree. While you may be able to lump some builds together by mass what you need to focus on ...
Cleaning No-clean Flux with Tap Water
It is rarely a good idea to do any cleaning of flux/process residues with tap only. As previously mentioned there ...
Cleanliness After Coating Removal
The best way to determine cleanliness after a specific area rework process as you have described is with a localized ...
Rechecking Thermal Profiles
Periodic thermal profiling for each and every product built is very important. If any of the heating zones is not ...
QFN Test Failures Caused by Flux
This is most certainly a valid claim. The issue with processing QFNs, and other bottom terminated components, is the amount ...
Contamination Using Solvent Dispensers
Brush cleaning caused me to use the term "Contamination Relocation" because that is what happens more times than not. I ...
Dendritic Growth and Contamination at BGA Sites
If these boards are not considered to be "beyond repair" then yes they can be recovered. It would be of ...
Steam Cleaning PCB Assemblies
In fairness to the process, and in clear disagreement to other members of this panel, steam cleaning of assemblies is ...
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