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Phil Kinner

Global Business Director conformal coatings division

Phil Kinner - Electrolube - Global Business Director conformal coatings division.

Phil Kinner has submitted responses to the following questions.
Dewetting of Acrylic Conformal Coating
Using a water-based flux is more likely to create problems than solve them, both with respect to coating tendency to ...
What is Causing Oxidation?
It sounds like creep corrosion, well known phenomenon with silver, usually associated with high levels of sulfurous compounds to me. ...
Conformal Coating Over No-Clean Flux
Coating over no-clean flux residues is a standard practice, but as with any engineering question, the answer is it depends... ...
How To Mask Areas During Conformal Coating
For masking contact pads, there are two widely used solutions. Firstly, the application of a liquid peelable masking material, which ...
Organic Flux Residue Concerns
The big issue here is that the organic flux residues you describe are likely to be at least partially water-soluble ...
Contamination Prior to Conformal Coating
The most likely source of contamination from this type of material would be either plasticizers used in the production of ...
Conformal Coating Process
As I understand the What type of conformal coating should be used if the board has "press fit" connectors?' question, ...
Coating to stop tin whisker growth?
Opinions are somewhat mixed, but the general consensus is that some conformal coatings help mitigate tin whisker formation, whilst other ...
Average Temperature/Humidity for an Electronics Assembly Facility?
Most electronics manufacturers I know of aim to keep the temperature in the 15C (59F) to 25C (77F) range, with ...
Pre-wash boards prior to conformal coating
Good question - and like any good engineer I will answer it simply... It depends! The coating results you obtain ...
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