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Clive Ashmore

Global Process Manager

Mr. Ashmore is responsible for the Global Applied Process Engineering group for DEK. Clive specializes in all aspects of manufacturing engineering, with special emphasis on mass imaging technologies.

Clive Ashmore has submitted responses to the following questions.
Transfer Efficiency Greater Than 100%
Yep this greater than 100% is a strange one. When I've experienced this observation it's been caused by excessive solder ...
Rework or Repair
My thoughts are: Solder splash on contacts are caused by poor process control/design and therefore should be defined as rework ...
Stencil Life
The simple answer to usage rates is No... The easiest way to tell if the stencil is end of life ...
Pin-in-Paste Hole Fill
The best solution for the Pin-in-Paste process is the ProFlowR enclosed head system. The main reason for this is that ...
Screen Print Shelf Life
The answer to this is normally solder paste-dependent. Different formulas likely have varying abandon times. But, generally speaking, a water ...
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