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Michael Ray

Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc.

Mike Ray is founder and president of Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of SMT stencils. Mike Ray developed the first successful universal frame and holds patents on the AXIS laser system.

Michael Ray has submitted responses to the following questions.
Stencil Design Guidelines
The IPC stencil guidelines are the most commonly used and are a good starting point, however they do not take ...
How To Prevent PCB's Warpage When Baking
Boards are to be baked for a couple of hours above the tg temperature of the material during the fabrication ...
High Defect Rate on SOT 883
It's likely that the volume of solder being deposited on the largest of the three apertures is causing the part ...
Solder to a thin flexible circuit
The obvious difficulty in soldering a fine pitch surface mount connector to a thin flexible circuit is creating enough support ...
Substance causing open BGA solder joints
Without a visual inspection of your printing processes or knowledge as to how you are cleaning your stencils it is ...
Oxidation on pads causes poor solder joints
In a nutshell, oxidation is the result of prolonged exposure of printed circuit boards to air. However, it is important ...
IR Reflow Issue
There are several contributing factors here. A simple solution would be an evaluation of the volume of paste that is ...
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