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Chris Ellis

Sales Manager

Chris Ellis is a Sales Manager/Engineer for Manncorp with 19+ years experience in the PCB assembly equipment industry. Chris worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for 5 Years. Prior to going into sales, he was with PCB assembly equipment suppliers. Before joining Manncorp, Chris was an independent rep in the Carolinas for several years.

Chris Ellis has submitted responses to the following questions.
Should we buy new low cost assembly equipment?
It almost goes without saying that the "cons" of buying Chinese-made equipment should be offset by dealing with a reputable ...
0201 Pick & Place Nozzle Plugging
I would not go right to the .004" stencil since this is reducing globally. I would actually go to a ...
Pick and Place Placement Rate
A typical good rule is to derate the placement rate by 40% for real time environment. If they are stating ...
Mixed Technology - Which First
You could potentially run the through hole first. However, you should read the specs on the components beforehand. Many through-hole ...
Solder Paste Mixing After Storage
This is actually the preferred and recommended solution for all paste we sell. ...
Lead Free Reflow Oven Zone Count
For the most part it really depends on your board density, type of material etc. Assuming it is just a ...
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