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November 10, 2008 - Updated
November 10, 2008 - Originally Posted

Cleaning Under 0603 Components

Cleaning problems have arisen with our RoHS board assembly process, specifically under surface mounted 0603 components. Should we consider removing the solder mask under these parts to allow for better cleaning or could the problem be a cleaning process problem? Are there other procedures we can follow that are not as labor intensive than removing decals & solder mask?

B. P.

Expert Panel Responses

I response to your question about improved cleaning under the 0603 low standoff components we would recommend presoaking the boards in the wash chemistry for 30-60 seconds at 150-160F. It would help is I could have the details of the cleaning process and chemicals. We have been effective at cleaning below the 0603 components with saponified low pressure cleaning in our Aquastorm 200.

Terry Munson
President/Senior Technical Consultant
Mr. Munson, President and Founder of Foresite, has extensive electronics industry experience applying Ion Chromatography analytical techniques to a wide spectrum of manufacturing applications.
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