March 13, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas

VIEWPOINT 2024: Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas
Michael Sivigny, General Manager, CeTaQ Americas
If You Don't Measure, You Don't Know.

A simple tag line for calling out the cost of unknown defects. Thank you to all of our service and product clients, we appreciate you! While we strive to help companies improve their bottom line profitability, we're better understanding the stresses of our clients and beginning to adapt.

CeTaQ Americas is expecting additional services growth in 2024 and will be launching a new website to help stimulate more business through unique digital marketing strategies.

CeTaQ Trends – SMT manufacturing clients of all sizes and market segments continue to benefit from using CeTaQ services. CeTaQ Americas is reshaping our offerings to consider a more well rounded approach to providing measurement, optimization and training solutions for equipment, process and people, respectively. We are combining over 60 years of experience in these categories to help clients solve their nagging issues and costly problems.

Industry Trends – Onshoring continues to ramp from less desirable manufacturing climates due to quality and geopolitical concerns. CeTaQ's newest tool, CmPrint 2.0, evaluates printer suppliers for machine repeatability specifications and is becoming a standard for automotive manufacturers, especially in Mexico. Using this tool has proven to be the quickest way to adjust stroke dependent offsets which continue to plague the printing process for complex products.

CeTaQ provides 3rd party on-site services for mobile equipment measurement, in depth process audits to optimize materials & methods, and IPC, process and hand solder training to educate front line staff.

Michael Sivigny, General Manager
CeTaQ Americas
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