March 7, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: François Erceau, Group Strategic Direction & Marketing Officer, Europlacer

VIEWPOINT 2024: François Erceau, Group Strategic Direction & Marketing Officer, Europlacer
François Erceau, Group Strategic Direction & Marketing Officer, Europlacer
New products, assembly process enhancements, equipment integration initiatives, full-line solutions, customer support infrastructure improvements. These are of course at the heart of Europlacer's commercial momentum for 2024, as has been the case for many years. But it's all of a diminished value for a growing business without great people.

That's why a key focus for Europlacer in 2024 is attracting the best people with first-rate incentives to populate our global organization and reinforce our continuing expansion.

Manufacturing companies like Europlacer must engage a skilled and motivated workforce to help drive the industry forward. To lead in what is essentially a relentless technology race, we need to continue to invest in both recruiting and retaining our talented employees. That's what we do. And we've raised the bar for talent. It ensures success now and let us build on that success to secure our future and the future of our customers.

With the resources and infrastructure we've already invested in, we are fortunate to be able to adopt a wider approach to traditional learning and development practices via creative partnerships and collaboration with higher education, vocational education and training, and industry through both normal and client secondment. We work closely with renowned technical colleges and specialist electronics training establishments.

You'll meet us at job fairs, enthusing about our career opportunities and vacancies across a spread of networking channels. We actively promote the great working conditions and personal rewards on offer at Europlacer facilities across the world: project ownership, inspiring team spirit, a hi-tech focus, and an overriding passion for what we do.

Of equal value are our e-learning platform that enhances knowledge and our technical mentoring programs designed to ensure that specific technical skills, honed by experience, are passed onto the next generation and not lost forever.

The outcome of employing the best people is that we get to design, manufacture, deliver and support the industry's best products. Look out for more of those products this year. But take note of the caliber of the people behind them when you do.

François Erceau, Group Strategic Direction & Marketing Officer
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