March 5, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.

VIEWPOINT 2024: Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.
Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.
Last year further increased the pressure on machine vision industry magnifying already existing strains of post Covid years and multiplying international conflicts. Unfortunately, XIMEA was not immune to the impacts of slowing demand in various technological sectors.

The whole imaging field is dealing with the rise in the cost of components, energy, transport, services and unavailable workforce. Many application areas that were considered promising, like autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and others, are entering the mass market slower than anticipated.

Different companies are attempting to find their way out of the existing situation. Some are entering 3D vision, others are expanding their SWIR portfolio and ever more businesses are exploring the opportunities brought by AI, in their products as well as internal practices.

XIMEA being focused on offering the smallest and fastest cameras, is betting on the modularity and portability, the trends that can be evergreen under varying circumstances, especially being combined with cutting edge advances in SoC which is currently utilizing GPU modules.

In 2024, the industrial and scientific sectors are expected to continue their uphill battle which we can win only by working together with our clients, partners and empowering our colleagues through transparency, efficiency and innovation.

Michail Klimkovic, CEO
XIMEA s.r.o.
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