February 12, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Ryan Scheck, Product Specialist, Bowman XRF

VIEWPOINT 2024: Ryan Scheck, Product Specialist, Bowman XRF
How was business in 2023 and what do we expect for the industry in 2024?
2023 was another great year for Bowman. We set a company sales record in 2023 and continued to expand our distribution team worldwide. We also introduced new Archer software and installed automated systems to integrate XRF into a customer's process.

A key area for our growth in 2024 is semiconductor manufacturing, where Bowman is already well-established, and which is widely estimated to top $100 billion in sales in 2024. This is a minor contraction from the industry's record in 2022, but SEMI expects a sales forecast of $124 billion for 2025, so there's reason to believe this segment has strength going forward.

Our GMF business continues to expand as well, thanks in part to strong distribution in all of Asia’s major industrial centers, and strong sales of both new reference standards and recertifications.

Will you be launching new products or services in 2024?
2024 will see the launch of our K Series benchtop XRF. It has a new clamshell design for improved sample access, an all-new stage with a larger 12”x12” measurable area, and several important new features, including our Archer software. K Series offers customers increased capability in a sleek modern design backed by Bowman’s world class support.

What developments are in the pipeline for 2024?
We listen closely to what customers want from their coating analysis systems. Their feedback has driven the development of the K Series as well as Archer software; both are as user-friendly as possible and include new features that make a significant positive difference in users’ workflows. In addition, our applications team continues to be at the forefront of emerging coating applications ranging from ultra-thin coatings on small spot sizes, to exceptionally thick GMF coatings.

Customers have an increasing need to automate the XRF testing process, including robotic sample handling. Bowman automated XRF systems combine our world class application performance with state-of-the-art robotics, including SECS/GEM protocol and cleanroom compliance.

What customers are saying about 2024?
The XRF sector is experiencing a trend of smaller and smaller spot sizes. The Bowman M,W, and A Series meet this need, accommodating spot sizes down to 7.5µm FWHM. Customers are also prioritizing ease of use and ongoing support for both hardware and new applications.

Bowman has a dedicated technical team, both at our Chicago-area headquarters, and in major industrial regions worldwide, that works with customers to identify the best XRF solutions for specific requirements, and to aid in new application development.

Ryan Scheck, Product Specialist
Bowman XRF
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