February 1, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Markus Gessner, Head of Marketing and Sales, Emil Otto

VIEWPOINT 2024: Markus Gessner, Head of Marketing and Sales, Emil Otto
Markus Gessner, Head of Marketing and Sales, Emil Otto
Has inflation or higher interest rates caused a slowdown in 2023, and are you expecting a rebound in business in 2024?
Will you be launching new products or services in 2024?

Despite the inflation or higher interest rates, Emil Otto has achieved a very good result, which is mainly due to our extensive and high-quality product portfolio.

This makes us very competitive in both the electronics industry and the metal chemistry sector and we look forward to achieving another very good result in 2024. In 2024, as in all the other years before, we will launch many innovative new products.

Have supply chain shortages caused problems, if so what has your team done to reduce issues for 2024?
It is difficult to make a forecast for the year 2024. After all, the geopolitical situation, the issue of energy supply and the associated exploding costs all have an impact on such statements.

However, the situation is fundamentally better than last year. Of course, further crises, especially conflicts in South-East Asia, could lead to considerable disruption in the electronics industry. But we hope that this will not lead to an escalation.

With hiring remaining a challenge, what can the industry do to help develop skilled workers?
The shortage of skilled workers is still a problem for the industry. Generation Z often considers these companies unattractive and prefers project-based jobs in large companies. Nothing has changed in this respect. However, we as medium sized companies have to fight harder for skilled workers and we have to communicate our advantages as an employer even better.

We also offer very attractive conditions, especially for employees who like short decision-making processes and who wants to get involved to take on responsibility.

Markus Gessner, Head of Marketing and Sales
Emil Otto
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