February 7, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Sven Frischen-Nocher, GM, COO, VP, INGUN USA, Inc.

VIEWPOINT 2023: Sven Frischen-Nocher, GM, COO, VP, INGUN USA, Inc.
Sven Frischen-Nocher, GM, COO, VP, INGUN USA, Inc.
2022 was a special year for INGUN USA. With another record year we also celebrated our 10th Anniversary.

In these last 10 years, INGUN USA established itself not just as a reliable supplier to the electronics industry but more an important partner as our mission is to be a Partner for future technology.

Wherever the trends are heading in the Electronics Industry, INGUN is an essential part to develop the best possible test solutions assuring the success of our customers new product developments.

Not only is INGUN strong in ICT and FCT applications but is providing breakthrough test solutions in the High Frequency/Microwave World as well as in the sustainable energy trend including EV, Solar, Power Management etc.

For 2023 we expect growth but much slower than the previous years. Our strongest market, the Automotive sector, will create growth for INGUN through the continued and more aggressive transition towards electrified vehicles although economic outlooks predict a decrease in growth for the Automotive industry.

Power Management and Battery technology is getting more and more important and critical with the global trend for the so called "Green Deal".

The transition to the Digital era also requests many new and highly advanced technologies to also utilize AI developments for example.

Overall, we will see the next 2 years slowing down and all the global uncertainties force us to be very conservative and cautious.

INGUN USA family wishes everyone a great start into 2023 and a successful year.

Sven Frischen-Nocher, GM, COO, VP
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