January 23, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.

VIEWPOINT 2023: Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.
Michail Klimkovic, CEO, XIMEA s.r.o.
Even after turbulent Covid years, the passing year introduced significant changes, worldwide and for XIMEA specifically. The machine vision delved deeper into SWIR and Ultraviolet wavelength range.

Segments like AI, Virtual Reality, Photogrammetry and various Multiple-camera systems became more mature. Customers returned to exhibition shows with more knowledge and shared their valuable experience.

XIMEA joined these trends presenting ever smaller and faster cameras originating from new approaches and modern technological concepts that kept winning different global and local awards for the efforts in innovation and effectiveness.
All this happened while most industries are facing continuous challenges with supply chain crisis, sanctions, lack of workforce and fluctuating costs of doing business.

In 2023, the industrial and scientific sectors could reach new heights and although it will not be easy, I believe that with a systematic approach and emphasis on transparency, efficiency and innovation, we will definitely be able to keep developing and share optimism with our employees and partners.

There is lots of progress to be made in directions of high resolution and high speed imaging, by introducing newest Backside illuminated sensors and camera interfaces able to reach above 100 Gbit/s, together with cooled sCMOS cameras or modular embedded vision setups.

We are looking forward to showing all that to you.

Michail Klimkovic, CEO
XIMEA s.r.o.
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