February 17, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation
Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation
How has COVID-19 affected your business in 2020?
As a global company, Indium Corporation had early insight for our pandemic response from previous experience combating SARS and MERS in our facilities in Asia. We established hygiene teams for each facility that implemented site control, health surveys, and social distancing.

Most importantly, we approached the pandemic with a commitment to follow the latest guidelines from the CDC, continuous learning and improvement, and open and continual communication. As an essential business, Indium Corporation has continued to support its customers, ensuring essential industries are supplied during the pandemic, including: the medical community for the production of ventilators and pacemakers; fire suppression electronics and sprinklers; emergency responders' telecommunication tools; and the transportation industry with the production of automotive lighting and aerospace electronics.

Has the pandemic affected your business plans for 2021?
During this pandemic and despite all the challenges, Indium Corporation's team kept innovating with new materials and processes to meet the needs of new customer designs and technologies. We kept investing in R&D and engineering and installed more manufacturing tools and analytic capabilities than any previous year. To accommodate this increased activity, we increased our manufacturing footprint in virtually all of our facilities in addition to creating a new 42,000 sq. ft. headquarters. Expect to hear about more expansion in 2021.

What are your expectations for the electronics assembly industry next year?
We're expecting to see the electronics assembly industry converge with the semiconductor industry as both require more fine feature stencil printing, new alloys for higher reliability and step soldering, and convergence of high-density PCBs with system-in-packages through complex architecture. The effort to increase functionality in tighter spaces and the need for compatibility with mold compounds have put additional demands on solder joints, post-reflow residues, and thermal materials.

Reliability concerns, such as those posed by drop shock for portable devices, is driving alloy innovation as well as new designs that limit the need for costly underfill. Convergence, SiP, 5G, AI, and autonomous vehicles are all creating opportunities for new materials and new approaches to electronics assembly. Our team of researchers is delivering the solutions that enable these world-changing technologies.

Ross Berntson, , President & COO
Indium Corporation
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