January 27, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Christian Buske, CEO, Plasmatreat

VIEWPOINT 2021: Christian Buske, CEO, Plasmatreat
Christian Buske, CEO, Plasmatreat
How has Covid-19 affected your business in 2020?
Covid-19 has presented us with several challenges in 2020. But we have used the time: we focused our strengths and made the best of this special situation. With our Openair-Plasma technology we have developed a disinfection cabinet with which, for example, masks or full-body protective clothing can be demonstrably disinfected effectively.

We are currently working on the official approval for medical applications and are confident that we will be successful here in the course of the next few months. In addition, many companies have recently focused on innovative solutions, trying out new production methods and introducing environmentally friendly processes. With plasma technology, for example, environmentally harmful processes can be replaced by more environmentally friendly processes. Consequently, the demand for our technology has also been high in the last months.

Has the pandemic affected your business plans for 2021?
Our current outlook for 2021 is rather cautious in the present situation (early December). However, we have a plan for 2021 and want to remain visible, especially in the markets, and continue to come and stay in contact with customers and interested parties. We have successfully conducted the first series of online webinars "PlasmaTalk" at our Plasmatreat Academy and intend to further expand the Academy's online offering in 2021. The positive feedback from customers and the high number of registrations are very encouraging. All in all, we are certain that we will emerge from the crisis stronger.

What are your expectations for the electronics assembly industry next year?
The fact that the printed circuit board market follows the semiconductor market with a one-year delay is considered a reliable trend in the electronics industry. As 2020 was a positive year for the semiconductor market from our point of view, we assume that the printed circuit board market will be positive in 2021.

One reason for this is the increasing use of mobile devices: The 5G network will continue to expand and will lead to more people using their mobile devices, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, more often and especially on the road. Another reason is the trend to work with laptops and tablets in the home office. And there will also be a lot going on in the automotive industry due to the further development of e-mobility, and the demand for electronics of all kinds will increase. All these are reasons that point to a positive and successful 2021 for the electronics industry.

Christian Buske, CEO
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