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Jan 17, 2020
Comparing Soldering Results of ENIG and EPIG Post Steam Exposure
ENIG? EPIG? Electroless palladium immersion gold is a new final finish for enhancing copper circuits solderability without electroless nickel. Paper contrasts ENIG ...

Jan 13, 2020
Periodic Pulse Plating of Mid-Aspect Ratio PCB's for Enhanced Productivity
Pulse plating offers advantages over conventional DC copper plating in high volume production applications for panels with aspect ratios of up to 12:1 while meeting ...
MacDermid Alpha

Jan 11, 2020
6 Common Mistakes of BGA Rework
Ball Grid Array rework is one of the most challenging procedures performed at assembly facilities and repair depots around the world. Doing it right depends in large part on the skills and knowledge of the rework technician.
Circuit Technology Center

Jan 2, 2020
How solder ball technology can facilitate QFP device transition
Unique application of solder ball technology facilitates QFP to BGA device transition on PC boards with existing QFP pads, while eliminating solder processing issues ...
Advanced Interconnections Corp.

Dec 16, 2019
Overcoming Tombstones and Opens Due to Thermal Inequalities
Tombstoning on SMT chip packages is a common defect in electronic manufacturing. Two profile techniques are used to compare the effects on tombstones with end of line defect data.
RiverSide Electronics, Ltd

Dec 13, 2019
BGA Site Modification - Is It Possible?
This webcast reviews a common, but challenging, type of BGA site modification normally used for engineering changes and modifications when circuit routing changes are required.
Circuit Technology Center

Dec 5, 2019
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) in Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Economic Order Quantity in Electronics Contract Manufacturing is different. Because its impact is often surprisingly greater than that of the classic EOQ, much more attention ...
Adeon Software House

Nov 7, 2019
Reliable Novel Nickel-Free Surface Finish Solution for High-Frequency PCB Applications
The evolution of internet-enabled mobile devices has driven the need for technology capable of high-frequency electronic signal transfer. Among the primary factors ...

Oct 24, 2019
Selective Soldering Solutions for High Thermal Mass & Fine-Pitch Components
Learn how to solder cPCI connectors, DIMM connectors, coax connectors and fine-pitch micro-connectors into backplanes, multilayer and HDI circuit board ...
Nordson SELECT

Oct 7, 2019
A Novel ENIG Surface Finish for Robust Solder Joints
Conventional ENIG is prone to brittle solder joint failures leading to reliability concerns of electronic assemblies - A novel ENIG achieves robust solder joints and provides ...

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