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David Cormier

Engineering Manager
Circuit Technology Center, Inc.

Manufacturing Engineer of 20+ years. Involved in Industries relating to all sectors of defense, Commercial product Industries, RF - Microwave and Semiconductor industries. Vast knowledge and experience relating Mil-STD’s, IPC-STD’s, EAI-STD’s, GEIA-STD’s, J-STD’s and MIL-PRF-STD’s.

David Cormier has submitted responses to the following questions.
SOT (Small Outline Transistor) Body Cracks
Not knowing the process and where the cracking occurs. Check your pick and place force if using an automated machine. ...
Pin-in-Paste Hole Stencil Printing
If you have a positive pressure squeegee head (self dispensing) you might get away with slowing the travel or pausing ...
Seeking IPC and J-STD Definitions
A Body seal is a lidded device and the seal can be of many forms. Welds, Epoxies and other forms ...
Challenge Wetting Solder to Brass Pins
Have you tried superior 75 flux? If not, this might be the solution. Following the manufacturer guidelines is strongly recommended. ...
Step Stencil Squeegee Angle
If using a Stainless Steel squeegee blade then a 45° angle should work. If using a polymer squeegee blade several ...
Mixed MSL Baking
Bake to the higher MSL device/Board listed. The reason is the board and surrounding components most likely will see higher ...
How to Remove Oxidization from SMT Component Leads?
There are ways to remove oxidation from SMT components if they are not mounted or attached to other hardware. Circuit ...
Considering Plasma Cleaning
Plasma can be described as the 4th state of matter consisting of atoms, ions, radicals and electrons. Conceptually to create ...
How To Measure Solder Paste Rolling Diameter
Please see the link below and this may help with your question as it is a common one. However, please ...
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