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June 25, 2007 - Updated
July 3, 2007 - Originally Posted

Repair and rework PCB

Can you provide advice regarding a good epoxy resin for repair/rework assemblies (lifted pads, lands, traces, etc)? I have tried some products, but they seem to soften at lead free temperatures despite all manufactures recommendations for curing.

Stan Augustin

Expert Panel Responses

Excellent question! While the repair of lifted pads,lands and traces requires a highly skilled operator with the proper training to achieve consistent, reliable results, there are products available that make these tasks just a bit easier to perform. I suggest you investigate using replacement pad, land and trace patterns that have a dry film adhesive applied to the backside.

The dry film adhesive eliminates the need to mix, apply and cure a liquid adhesive. The simple application of heat and pressure from a bonding iron cures the film adhesive and bonds it to the PCB. The bond strength of these dry film adhesives meets or exceeds the IPC specifications for peel strength and the IPC 7711/7721 contains a number of approved repair procedures that call out the use of these dry film adhesive backed replacement patterns.

See more at: and

Bob LePage
Sales Engineer
Circuit Technology Center
Mr. LePage has been a key member of the team at Circuit Technology Center since 1996. He has vast expertise, experience and understanding of complex circuit board rework, repair and modification operations. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts in this area across the globe.
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