Completely reimagined solder reflow process monitoring will change your productivity, your known good yield and your profitability.

ECD’s much-anticipated arrival of OvenSENTINEL™ is happening at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 and you’re invited. Learn what TrueProfile™ capability and real-time, comprehensive PCB oversight can bring to your business.
Tired of scrapping boards you thought
were in spec?
Schedule a one-on-one OvenSENTINEL demo.
Control freaks unite – even more technology for optimized manufacturing!
Market-leading thermal profiling systems for in-control soldering processes.
Verify your equipment and settings.
Keep MSDs in compliance and STILL have access to them when you need them!
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How To Get The Best Thermal Profile

A primer for properly sizing, specifying, and attaching thermocouples for the thermal profiling of electronic assemblies in soldering processes.

ECD Whitepaper - Dispelling Dry Storage Myths

Dispelling Dry Storage Myths

An overview of common misconceptions related to component storage and baking.

ECD Whitepaper - Dispelling Dry Storage Myths

Heat Flow for Reflow

Controlling the reflow soldering process requires monitoring more than temperature. Heat flow can have a profound influence on the product’s thermal profile.

ECD Whitepaper - Oven vs. Product Profiling

Oven vs. Product Profiling

A simple alternative to conventional “golden board” profiling offers quality assurance and repeatability for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing operations.


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