March 12, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Mr. Lukas Buske, CEO and Head of Plasma Applications, Plasmatreat GmbH

VIEWPOINT 2024: Mr. Lukas Buske, CEO and Head of Plasma Applications, Plasmatreat GmbH
Mr. Lukas Buske, CEO and Head of Plasma Applications, Plasmatreat GmbH
Has inflation or higher interest rates caused a slowdown in 2023, and are you expecting a rebound in business in 2024?
In our traditional industries, we actually saw a decline in demand last year, but we experienced global growth in our identified growth markets of electronics and batteries.

As the market leader in high-tech atmospheric plasma systems, our goal is to meet our customers' demands for new technologies, optimized production processes and environmentally friendly products. Thanks to our strength in development and innovation, we were able to make 2023 a successful year with new developments and applications and expect a corresponding upswing in 2024.

Will you be launching new products or services in 2024?
At the productronica trade show in November 2023, we unveiled an absolute world novelty, the REDOX-Tool, a special plasma treatment unit. This new tool makes it possible to remove oxide layers from metal surfaces inline in the production process, which is particularly exciting for semiconductor production and the powertrain sector.

The international promotion of this tool will be our main focus in 2024. It will have a major impact on the electronics industry as the following soldering processes require no flux.

Our product development department is also working on forward-looking issues such as replacing the low-pressure plasma process in front-end applications. We are also continuing to expand our contract manufacturing and rental systems services. This gives our customers the opportunity to use us and our systems flexibly and according to their general and internal processes.

Have supply chain shortages caused problems, if so what has your team done to reduce issues for 2024?
Fortunately, by improving our supply chain and warehousing during the Covid pandemic, we were less affected by global trade issues. Our supply chain is now more stable and we are positive, although we remain vigilant. We continue to manufacture in Germany and have built strong relationships with our local suppliers and partners over the years and can rely on our partner network.

With hiring remaining a challenge, what can the industry do to help develop skilled workers?
The cooperation between schools and universities and companies should be strengthened. The electronics industry and the various professions that young people can learn must be presented as a safe industry with many career perspectives.

Female professionals must also be attracted to the industry by using existing resources and presenting electronics as an exciting, forward-looking industry. Atmospheric pressure plasma technology is so exciting that specialists from all over the world work at Plasmatreat in Steinhagen, Germany.

Mr. Lukas Buske, CEO and Head of Plasma Applications
Plasmatreat GmbH
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