February 3, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Stan Renals, CEO, Cobar Europe & Cobar Solder Products

VIEWPOINT 2023: Stan Renals, CEO, Cobar Europe & Cobar Solder Products
Stan Renals, CEO, Cobar Europe & Cobar Solder Products
The Balver Zinn/Cobar group considering the rise in commodity, utility and shipping prices have had a successful year with growth and we anticipate this continuing into 2023.

Several new products will be launched during the upcoming year to be released in Europe, the America’s and Asia including our latest solder paste JEAN 151, new water based REGI-BLUE, the REGI-007 VOC fluxes and new wire products in response to market demands. These products are now also being produced outside of Europe to offset the cost of shipping.

Our R&D team based in Balve, Germany are developing a range of new products, which will be launched in 2023.

Essential raw materials such as Tin and IPA have seen spiralling price increases this year, but keeping our key customers fully informed of any key product price increases has reduced many issues we could have faced. Tin raw material prices have started to drop during the 4th quarter and we hope this will help our customers.

Qualified employees is becoming a real issue in Holland, Germany and the USA, causing some short term issues, it would be nice if local authorities would work in co-operation with local colleges and Universities to increase the pool of talent available.

Travel is only just now getting back to pre-pandemic levels, but we are viewing this with caution over the winter period as more cases of COVID are being recorded across the globe.

Stan Renals, CEO
Cobar Europe & Cobar Solder Products
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