February 13, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: MB Allen, Manager of Applications and Sales, KIC

VIEWPOINT 2020: MB Allen, Manager of Applications and Sales, KIC
MB Allen, Manager of Applications and Sales, KIC
KIC was ahead of the times with the introduction of automatic profiling more than 40 years ago. A key to KIC's success has been the ability to provide solutions to its customers for all their thermal needs. Now with the transition to increased automation and connectivity in the world of Industry 4.0, customers are utilizing this real-time and historic usable and actionable thermal data allowing manufactures to include their reflow product data into their factory improvement plan.

Information is critical to improving processes, saving money and manufacturing consistently high-quality products. Obtaining this information live and being able to analyze and act on it immediately is the key. This has been, and continues to be, KIC's forte. We are fortunate to work with many partners for software integration with MES systems, IPC's CFX, Hermes and more.

We continue to invest in R&D to bring innovative products to the market that offer our customers solutions for the challenging assemblies that our industry is seeing. We expect further industry growth in 2020 at home and in developing markets. KIC anticipates that in 2020 we will see many more companies take steps towards factory automation and we're excited to have the solutions for making their thermal processes smart and efficient.

MB Allen, Manager of Applications and Sales
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