February 7, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Robert Boguski, President, Datest

VIEWPOINT 2020: Robert Boguski, President, Datest
Robert Boguski, President, Datest
I'm currently reading "A Tale of Two Cities." To paraphrase Dickens, 2019 was the best of times as well as the worst of times.

Regarding the worst, many friends know I was involved in a serious accident in May. But for a lucky turn here, or a twist there, I might not be writing these words today.

I cannot thank enough those colleagues who reached out, in word and deed, with expressions of support and goodwill during my convalescence and recovery. They say adversity reveals one’s true friends. For me it revealed a lot, and I’m forever grateful, and ready to pay it forward. From rough beginnings spring forth diamonds.

Regarding our industry, and the greater economy, domestic as well as international, this too could be the best of times or the worst of times. My sales forecast for 2020 is encouraging.

Maybe too encouraging. In contrast, my political forecast is depressing. Whether economic common sense will prevail over our current politics of fear, ignorance, resentment, and grievance is anybody's guess. Where are the statesmen and the conciliators among us? Like everybody else, I hope for the best but can’t help contemplating the worst.

Perhaps a simple wish for 2020 will suffice, that God grant us the collective wisdom to make good choices, benefiting all of us, so that we as a country and a world may flourish.

It's up to us.

Robert Boguski, President
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