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Confused About IPC-A-610 Class 2 vs. Class 3
My company is confused about IPC-A-610 Class 2 and Class 3. Some believe that Class 3 is for aerospace and Class 2 is not. The Class or standard used in Aircraft ...
Responses by:
Richard D. Stadem
Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Kris Roberson
Manager of Assembly Technology, IPC
Rodney Miller
Capital Equipment Operations Manager, Specialty Coating Systems
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Mixed MSL Baking
BGA Component Grounding Problem
Need for Reflow Profiles
Gold Plating and Embrittlement
Test Probe Problems After Pin-In-Paste
Environment Impact on Assembly, Printing and Reflow
Head-In-Pillow Reject Rate
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What Year Was It?
The day was Jul 19. What year was it?
Rosetta Stone Found
What Year
During Napoleon Bonaparte's Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria.
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What Year Was It Answer
Rosetta Stone Found
Answer: July 19, 1799
July 19, 2024
What Will It Take to Make Driverless Cars Safe?
Driverless cars faced setbacks with accidents, lawsuits, and technical issues. Waymo, Cruise & Tesla are under safety investigations. A study shows AVs are safer overall but struggle in specific conditions. The industry's future hinges on overcoming technical & ethical challenges.
Socialist AI: Chinese regulators are reviewing GenAI models for 'core socialist values,' FT reports
China's Cyberspace Administration is reviewing AI models to ensure they align with core socialist values. This includes testing responses to politically sensitive questions. Companies must filter training data to meet strict censorship policies, complicating AI development.
How Simulation Addresses Hydrogen Fuel Challenges
Hydrogen is becoming crucial for carbon neutrality with its high flame speed and low ignition energy. However, challenges like flashback and NOx emissions persist. KAIST and Ansys are creating predictive models to tackle these combustion issues.
Semiconductor Engineering
RISC-V Shows Ambitious Prospects in Europe
The European tech landscape is evolving with a growing embrace of RISC-V. At the RISC-V Summit Europe, experts highlighted Europe's strategic shift towards autonomy in semiconductor technology, driven by significant funding and industry-academia collaboration.
EE Times
Apple Intelligence won't be enough for an iPhone 16 supercycle, top insider suggests
Morgan Stanley predicts an iPhone 16 supercycle, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo counters, noting that TSMC and Largan's earnings suggest no increase in iPhone 16 orders. Kuo estimates 87 million units, slightly less than last year's iPhone 15 orders.
Gartner Announces Rankings of the Top 25 North American Supply Chain Undergraduate and Graduate University Programs for 2024
Gartner's biennial report highlights the top 25 North American supply chain programs. The Univ. of Arkansas and the Univ. of Tennessee lead undergraduate and graduate rankings, respectively. The report shows a growing interest in supply chain analytics but a declining focus on manufacturing.
Robot Dog Cleans Up Beaches With Foot-Mounted Vacuums
Cigarette butts, the second most common litter, leech toxic chemicals into the environment. To combat this, roboticists at IIT designed VERO, a quadrupedal robot with vacuums on its feet, capable of autonomously locating and cleaning cigarette butts from uneven surfaces.
IEEE Spectrum
World's first "MRI for cars" launched in Hawaii for diagnosing vehicles
BMW of Honolulu has revolutionized car inspections with an AI-powered system that performs a 360-degree scan in under 5 seconds. This "MRI for cars" enhances efficiency, providing instant visual reports and eliminating the need for manual checks.
Warpage of Flexible-Board Assemblies with BGAs During Reflow and Post-Assembly
Failure in solder interconnects is a leading cause of reliability failure. Complexity of electronic assembly requires these lead-free interconnects to be reliable.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Malaysia's semiconductor sector optimistic for 3Q24: talent recruitment and AI integration on the rise
Malaysia's semiconductor sectors are optimistic about Q3 2024, with 60% expecting growth in consumer electronics, automotive, and AI. Despite talent shortages, 85% plan to hire more engineers, and 58% intend to invest in new technologies and expansion.
An important iPhone 17 design change was reportedly put on hold
Apple's iPhone 17, slated for 2025, will not use resin-coated copper (RCC) for the logic board due to durability issues. Despite this, expected features include a 48mp triple-lens camera, Wi-Fi 7, and 12GB RAM on higher-end models.
Seeking Alternatives to Solvent Cleaning
We are using a mix of trichloroethylene and IPA for cleaning in the ratio of 10 to 90. We are looking to eliminate the use of trichloroethylene. Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, The Assembly Brothers, offer their suggestions.
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Automakers push forward despite low V2X returns
Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology has fallen short, generating only $6 billion in revenue—3% of the $200 billion forecast. S&P Global Mobility cites unmet consumer demands, infrastructure problems, and high software development costs as key challenges.
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Indium Corporation Introduces Au-Based Precision Die-Attach Preforms
Indium Corporation
Murray Percival Co. Offers Comprehensive ESD Solutions from Protektive Pak
The Murray Percival Company
The ASSEMBLY Show and SMTA International Announce Co-Location
Panasonic Connect Announces New Automated Manufacturing Solution
Panasonic Connect North America
Nanusens solves challenges of 6G RF front end design with its RF DTCs
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Who launched the very first website?
Answer: CERN. Proposed by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee in March 1989, the World Wide Web (WWW) was invented as a means of sharing information among scientists. The first website was hosted on Berners-Lee's NeXT computer at CERN's Geneva headquarters on December 20, 1990,