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Oct 17, 2019
European Wearables Market More than Doubled
Shipments of wearable devices in Europe grew 154.4% year over year to 13.4 million units in the second quarter of 2019. In 2Q19, earwear accounted for 52.3% of shipments in the region, followed by watches (26.7%) and wrist bands (20.7%). The top 5 countries in the region in 2Q19 were the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and Italy, with Russia growing at a faster pace year over year ...

Oct 17, 2019
Quantum Computing Is Poised to Change Everything
It is truly rare that an advancement comes along that changes every aspect of society; quantum computing is poised to do just that in the 2020s. I recall the advent ...
Inside Higher Ed

Oct 17, 2019
Ways to Curtail PCB Assembly Cost is Easy Now
PCB assembly cost cut down is a thinkable subject. PCB is the abbreviated form for printed circuit board assembly that is often used to connect electronic components ...
Itech Post

Oct 17, 2019
How AI Battles Security Threats without Humans
Housed in the historic city of Cambridge, the R&D facility of international cybersecurity firm Darktrace is unmistakably modern. Its stylish headquarters is all clean lines ...

Oct 17, 2019
IBM revenue misses on weakness in its biggest unit; shares fall 5%
International Business Machines Corp missed Wall Street estimates for quarterly revenue, as its global technology services unit was hit by weakness in some European ...

Oct 17, 2019
Why Indecision is Costing You Money, Time and Opportunity
Most people are indecisive. They struggle to pick a restaurant for dinner, would rather someone else choose paint colors for the living room, and the thought of making ...

Oct 17, 2019
Let's do it together: Huawei seeks to allay EU concerns with appeal for 5G partnership
Chinese telecoms manufacturer Huawei Technologies sought to assuage European concerns that it is a cyber security risk, saying it wants to help make the continent ...

Oct 17, 2019
Taiwan Start-Ups Seek to Advance Digital Healthcare
Taiwan start-ups have some digital healthcare technologies they'd like to bring to the United States. They have a few hurdles to clear first. For many foreign companies, ...
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