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September 23, 2014
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al plate attached to gold plated PCB as shield
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Billy the Kid Arrested for First Time
Billy the Kid Arrested for First Time
Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time after stealing a basket of laundry. He later broke out of jail and roamed the American West, eventually earning a reputation as an outlaw and murderer with a rap sheet that allegedly included 21 murders.

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Top Story
The Secret to Buying Electronics Design Services
When sourcing electronics engineering and design services, choosing a supplier that also does manufacturing can have significant benefits whether you use its manufacturing services or not. Many design firms specialize in electronic design ...
Industry News
Analysis: The Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
This year's Apple iPhone release is not for one, but two flagship phones, the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus. Apple has finally moved ...
Tech Insights
Aging Tech Giants Like EMC Look to Deals to Help Bolster Revenue
Investors expected a noisy fight over breaking up the EMC computer storage company when the hedge fund Elliott Management surfaced in July ...
The New York Times
World PCB Production in 2013 Estimated at $59.4 Billion
The world market for PCBs declined an estimated 2.2% in real terms in 2013, although real growth in North America was positive at 0.8% ...
Semiconductor Vendors Turn to Vertical Integration
While global supply chains continue to expand and extend their reach, tighter margins and intense competition challenge OEMs to improve processes ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Notebook demand undermined by new Apple devices
Demand for notebooks slightly picked up in early 2014, prompting optimism among firms in the supply chain about sales in the second half ...
Google's self-driving cars are now allowed on all roads in California
Google's self-driving cars have made impressive progress in the past few years, logging over 700,000 accident-free miles without human ...
The Verge
4 Areas Of Supply Chain Compliance To Fix Today
Many businesses are challenged by the dual demands of the internal economic drivers of an organization and the external customer requirements ...
Manufacturing Business Technology
Manufacture of Aluminum Substrate PCBs
This paper describes a new fab method that uses an aluminum substrates that house fully tested and burned in components to create a component board ...
IPC Outlook - Materials Tech
Where's the Silicon in Silicon Valley?
An engineer who has experienced first-hand the changes that the engineering profession has undergone since the days of Bill Hewlett and David Packard ...
EE Times
Viasystems, Merix's buyer, sold to TTM Technologies for $927 million
Viasystems, the Missouri company that bought Oregon circuit board manufacturer Merix Corp. in 2010, said it will sell itself to a rival ...
The Oregonian
Cleaning PCBs - Understanding Todays Needs
This paper covers the mastery to manage all parameters of the cleaning process while facing miniaturization and environmental care, like ...
IPC Outlook - Production Floor
Oculus unveils new VR headset prototype
The first Oculus Connect conference was held late last week. There, Oculus VR unveiled its latest prototype VR headset, code-named Crescent Bay ...
The Tech Report
Sony's Smart Eyewear Will Ship To Developers By March 2015
Smartwatches are currently taking center stage in the wearable space, but it's devices like Google's Glass that are set to define the future ...
Improving Density in Microwave Multilayer PCBs
Paper presents work performed to achieve LCP-based high density multilayer structures, describing the different breadboards manufactured ...
IPC Outlook - Analysis Lab
Liquid metal could be used to create morphing electronics
Who could forget the scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day where the shape-shifting T-1000 reassembles itself from thousands of blobs of molten ...
Press Releases Submit
Henkel to acquire The Bergquist Company
Henkel signed an agreement to acquire The Bergquist Company, a privately-held leading supplier of thermal-management solutions for the electronics industry ...
Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC
ZEISS Offers New Autoloader for 3D X-ray Imaging
ZEISS announces automated sample handling for ZEISS Xradia Versa 3D X-ray microscopes (XRM) for submicron imaging. XRM Autoloader helps gain critical efficiency ...
Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy
Catch Dr. Bixenman's QFN Design Considerations to Improve Cleaning at SMTAI
KYZEN is pleased to announce that Dr. Mike Bixenman will present the paper titled "QFN Design Considerations to Improve Cleaning A Follow on Study" ...
The Balver Zinn Group Releases Bi Rework Solder Paste
The Balver Zinn Group introduces the new Bi Rework Solder Paste. The desoldering paste has been designed for desoldering Pb-free components and is ideal for LED ...
The Balver Zinn Group
STI Electronics Seeks Full Time Instructor for Headquarters
ALPHA PV Ready Ribbon Presented at Korea's Leading Solar Exhibition
Electrolube Concludes Successful Coating Seminar in Shenzhen
Enthone Appoints Eric Gongora Global Dir, Semiconductor Product Marketing
A-Laser to Highlight New LDS Capability at D2P Marlborough
Fast Circuits Launches Flexible Inventory Management and Stocking Program
Computrol to Discuss High Mix Electronics Manufacturing Services at AmCon
ECOC audience gets first glimpse of UTEL's latest invention
ESCATEC expands LED and micro manufacturing facilities
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
How Many Fiducials Pre Solder Paste Stencil?
We manufacture solder paste stencils for a variety of customers. We have seen as many as 180 fiducials per stencil with a step and repeat. Is this excessive? ...
  Responses by:
  Kishan Sarjoo, Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
  T.J. Hughes, Manufacturing Engineer, Esterline Interface Technologies
  Scott Wischoffer, Marketing Manager, Fuji America Corporation
  Bill Coleman, Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Components Jumping Around During Reflow
Cleaning residue after wave solder process
Component Shift During Reflow
White Papers Submit
Understencil Wipe Cleaning Yields Improvements
03015 Component Inspection Considerations
Advantages of the Contaminometer™ AKA CM Series
No-Clean Paste Flux: Reflow Profiling and Electrical Reliability
BGA Assembly Voiding, Reliability Using SAC, BiSnAg Alloys
Optimizing the Assembly Process
Plasma Treatment Improves Conformal Coating Adhesion
How Clean Should An Assembly Be To Be Functionally Good?
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Oct 14, 2014 - 'Human Error Prevention' Seminar
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Oct 15, 2014 - Long Island Expo and Tech Forum
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Does a "blivit" refer to: someone or something annoying, an acne pimple, or an unexpected turn of events?
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