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February 27, 2015
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What are the Roaring Forties?
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New Orleanians Take to the Streets for Mardi Gras
New Orleanians Take to the Streets for Mardi Gras
A group of masked and costumed students dance through the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, marking the beginning of the city's famous Mardi Gras celebrations.

The day was Feb 27. What year was it?
Cartoon of the Day
"Please moan into the phone. A nurse will determine if you are too sick to work today or just faking it."
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Top Story
Chinese Innovations? They are Real
Chinese firms are beefing up research and new product development programs in a bid to gain higher margins from the global market, according to industry experts ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Industry News
Google exec: It's 'irresponsible' of Apple to make everything expensive
Prada should be ashamed of itself. Those people at Tesla should take a look in the mirror. And as for the rotten, rapacious individuals who make Cristal, they ...
Obsolescence Isn't Always Good
One of the main reasons smartphones are pervasive around the globe is that their cost is subsidized. They can be replaced every couple of years with minimal pain ...
Semiconductor Engineering
How Technology Can Help You Manage Business at the Speed of Your People
There's a school of thought that says the best leaders hire great people, and then get the heck out of their way. But that's a management philosophy that's far easier ...
Thermal Shock/Drop Test of Lead-free
Paper has results from experimental research making a comparison of different lead-free alloy combinations including thermal shock and drop tests.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles?
Automobiles no longer resemble the mechanical beasts they once were. In fact, they are more similar to today's smartphone. Cars are increasingly combining the ...
Freescale Dives Deep into IoT Waters
As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows into an industry that is more than just hype, electronic components manufacturers are making bold moves into the connectivity space ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
10 Surefire Ways a Positive Attitude Increases Success
Your attitude is so much like an inner architect building resilience in your mindset. What's at stake? Your outlook involves your perception of success (or failure) ...
FCC vote: Net neutrality saved, ISPs will be reclassified as utilities
The Federal Communications Commission enacted its most sweeping change to telecom regulation in years by voting 3-2 to reclassify Internet service providers under ...
Apple to hold event on March 9, as Watch launch nears
Apple Inc sent out invitations for a media event in San Francisco on March 9, about one month before the much-anticipated launch of the new Apple Watch. The ...
Delamination Dilemma
Can you point to any other potential causes of delamination or any other steps we should take to prevent it?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
3D Printing: A Unique Solution to EOL
My love-hate relationship with printers goes way back. I worked in several corporate offices during the 1980s when there was one printer on every floor and it wasn't ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Foxconn targets 70% automation in 3 years: Gou
Foxconn's Terry Gou, chairman of the world's largest manufacturer of consumer electronics said he hopes 70% of assembly can be automated within three years. Hon Hai ...
The China Post
The 3 Ways Leadership Is the Opposite of What Most People Think
Most people have misconceptions about leadership. We tend to think that leaders are powerful, command-and-control type individuals who direct their own destiny and the ...
U.S. Internet providers hit with tougher rules, plan challenges
U.S. regulators approved the strictest-ever rules on Internet providers, who in turn pledged to battle the new restrictions in the courts and Congress, saying ...
Intel, Apple and Cisco crossed off Chinese Gov's kit list
China appears to have lopped Cisco and Apple from the list of vendors approved to sell to its government. A Reuters analysis of official data also says Intel, McAfee ...
The Register
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) Joins the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. announced that it has joined the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), the world's largest industry coalition ...
Business Wire
Why Switch From Pure DI-Water to Chemistry
The purpose of this paper is to report a timely direct comparison between a pure DI-water process and a chemically assisted application.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
What Will it Take for Apple's Next Big Thing to be a Car?
Despite much breathless news about how Apple will transform the "stodgy" US auto industry, it won't be easy. If any big company can make a sudden and successful leap ...
EE Times
Chinese rivals snap at Alibaba's heels in cross-border e-commerce race
A Chinese government push to promote e-commerce has created a host of online retail rivals for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Inc catering to shoppers' fears ...
Press Releases Submit
Henkel Printed Inks Deliver Excellent Performance and Design Flexibility
From Hall B0, Booth #400 at the upcoming Lopec event, set to take place in Munich, Germany on March 4 and 5, Henkel will showcase a range of new printed ink ...
Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC
Europlacer Picks up Another Service Excellence Award for Pick-and-Place
MIRTEC Receives Fourth Service Excellence Award from Its Customers at APEX
Indium Corporation Receives NPI Award
KYZEN Receives Ninth Service Excellence Award
BTU Picks Up Its Second Award for ENERGY PILOT Software at IPC APEX
Vi TECHNOLOGY Receives Award for Sigma Review Software at APEX
JOT G3 with Tau enables 100% test coverage of Android devices for operators
Standex-Meder Electronics Announces New Reed Technology Databook
ACD Proves Commitment to Customer Service with 4th Service Excellence Award
KIC Accepts Its Fifth Service Excellence Award during APEX
In-Phase Technology Redesigns Website for Ease of Navigation
PDR Rework Systems @ Enova Toulouse 2015
Count On Tools Wins Service Excellence Award for Second Consecutive Year
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
Cause of Unusual Contamination?
We have 40 PCB assemblies with unusual contamination. Do you have any ideas what the contamination is, and what caused it?
  Responses by:
  KN Murli, Head-Quality, Astra Microwave Products, Hyderabad, AP India
  Georgian Simion, Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
  Dr. Craig D. Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, DfR Solutions
  Mike Bixenman, CTO, Kyzen Corp.
  Bryan Kerr, Principal Engineer - CMA Lab, BAE Systems
  Karthik Vijay, Technical Manager - Europe, Indium Corp.
  Tim Jensen, Product Manager, Advanced Assembly Materials, Indium Corp.
  Terry Munson, President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
  Daniel (Baer) Feinberg, Vice President, Fein-Line Associates
  Tom Forsythe, Vice President, Kyzen Corporation
  Jim Williams, Chairman, Polyonics, Inc.
A Generic Reflow Profile
Un-cleaned PCB Assemblies Potted
Problems with Insufficient Barrel Fill
White Papers Submit
Guidelines for Component Placement
What are the benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles?
Counterfeit Detection, Prevention & Mitigation Training
Best Practices in Documentation
Automating Test Measurements on High Density PCBs
Measuring Tiny Solder Deposits with Accuracy and Repeatability
8 Cost Saving Steps for Your Next Design
PCB Troubleshooting - Start with the Connectors
Calendar Submit
Feb 24, 2015 - IPC APEX EXPO 2015
Feb 25, 2015 - Texas Design-2-Part Show
Mar 2, 2015 - EE Essentials and SMT, BGA, BTC Courses
Mar 2, 2015 - SMT, BGA, & BTC Design & Manufacturing
Mar 5, 2015 - Essentials of Electronic Engineering
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Quote of the Day
"Being right half the time beats being half right all the time."
Herbert Browne
Test Your Knowledge
What are the Roaring Forties?
Answer: Winds
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