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October 23, 2014
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The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets' by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?
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Obscure IC part markings
It's cheap and easy to make your own portable hard drive from an old PC drive
What Year Was It?
Hostage Crisis in Moscow Theater
Hostage Crisis in Moscow Theater
About 50 Chechen rebels storm a Moscow theater, taking up to 700 people hostage during a sold-out performance of a popular musical.

The day was October 23, but what year was it?
Cartoon of the Day
"Don't be concerned about the size of your cubicle. Someone will be along soon to make you feel small."
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Top Manufacturing & Purchasing Trends
In an industry where business has been on a slow growth curve for months on end, a recent manufacturing report from Prime Advantage, a buying consortium for midsized manufacturers, points to some good news for the manufacturing industry. "Specifically, what we thought was ...
Can the Supply Chain Survive the Free-Service Squeeze?
Outside of corporate management, engineers are the most valued--and best-paid--members of the electronics supply chain. So why do so many customers expect to get ...
Electronics Purchasing Stratgies
Supply chain estimated to deliver 50 million units of iPhone 6 in 2014
Strong demand for Apple's iPhone 6 has boosted Pegatron Technology's orders for 2014 and the maker is expected to ship close to 25 million units before the end of 2014 ...
Manufacturing moving from China to US
Large manufacturers are increasingly moving production back to the United States from China, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group. In the third ...
Are the Days of Copper Circuits Numbered?
Academia are vigorously researching new candidates to succeed traditional copper as the material of choice for interconnects on computer chips.
IPC Outlook - Technology Briefing
iPad Air 2 has a smaller battery, iFixit finds
The one new feature you didn't expect from Apple's iPad Air 2? iFixit says the new device has a battery that's 15 percent smaller, yet Apple claims it still gets ...
Sensors for Wearables Market to Double in 2015
Market analysis and forecast organization IHS thinks that Apple's Watch, will stimulate and set a standard for fitness and health monitoring features on wearable electronics ...
EE Times
Problems With Starved 'J' Lead Joints
We have insufficient solder joint heel fillets with a PLCC J lead component. We cannot increase the stencil thickness due to the presence of T SOPS and QFP packages ...
IPC Outlook - Board Talk
Weird Components
Not too long ago, I came across a few very unusual capacitors. That got me thinking about some other weird components in my stash. These small, weird caps were gifted ...
Twitter’s Audacious Plan to Infiltrate All Your Apps
Twitter is releasing a new software development kit at its developer’s conference. It's called Fabric. It does lots of very pretty things, and the people who write mobile ...
Meet the New Breed of Independent Distributor
When the US Senate Armed Services Committee took up the issue of counterfeit parts entering the military supply chain in 2012 the independent distribution (ID) world ...
Should your company build or buy its IoT infrastructure?
So your company wants to join the Internet of Things revolution, and you are trying to figure out if you should build most of the infrastructure on your own, or if you ...
What Manufacturers Procrastinate Most
Perhaps tech manufacturers procrastinate creating detailed disaster-preparedness-and-recovery plans because they think that building collapses and fires happen only ...
IPC Outlook - Supply Chain
Extremely high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging
For the first time, researchers have succeeded to detect a single hydrogen atom using magnetic resonance imaging, which signifies a huge increase in the technology's spatial ...
Science Daily
Apple iPhone 6 Sales Soar While iPad Sales Continue To Stutter
Apple has announced that its earnings for the fourth quarter stood at $41.1 billion in revenues and a massive $8.5 billion in pure profits. The company added that ...
Press Releases Submit
ERSASCOPE 2 Is the Only Optical Inspection System for Flip Chips and CSPs
Kurtz Ersa North America announces that it has delivered the new ERSASCOPE 2 to ACME PCB Assembly. Superior picture quality, increased light sensitivity ...
Kurtz Ersa North America
ACE announces selective soldering workshop schedule for 2015
ACE Production Technologies, Inc. announces its 2015 schedule of selective soldering workshops. More than 150 attendees from over 80 different companies have participated ...
ACE Production Technologies, Inc.
New Henkel TECHNOMELT Material Tops Category to Win Global Technology Award
Next SSA Training Sessions: US & Hungary
Deciphering the Connectome with Instruments and Solutions from ZEISS
Session Three of the IPC & SMTA Conference to Focus on Hi-Rel Cleaning
Fast(R) & MPC(R) Technology to be Showcased at SMTA CT Expo by ZESTRON
Alabama Governor Bentley Visits STI Electronics
Beta LAYOUT Ltd at Electronica 2014 New and in 3D
Reed Exhibitions Donates Jackets to Underprivileged Children in China
TRI Receives Global Technology Award for TR7600LL SII 3D X-ray Inspection
CEATEC Japan 2014
Register for Aqueous Final Cleaning & Reliability Live Webinar in November
FSInspection to Debut New Line of Visual Inspection Stations at FABTECH
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
Oxidation on SMT Pads Causing Solder Problems
What causes oxidation on surface mount pads? We are finding that oxidation on BGA pads is resulting in poor solder joints.
  Responses by:
  John Vivari, Application Engineering Supervisor, Nordson EFD
  EH Lim, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, ECD
  Bjorn Dahle, President, KIC
  Dr. Brian Toleno, Application Engineering, Henkel Electronics
  Kris Roberson, Manager of Assembly Technology, IPC
  Michael Ray, President, Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc.
Effects of Ultrasonic Cleaning
Cleaning Misprinted Circuit Boards
Cleaning Water Soluble Flux
White Papers Submit
Precise High-throughput Solder Dispensing
Facing the Challenges of THT Inspection
A Novel Epoxy Flux on Solder Paste for Assembling Thermally Warped PoP
Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Design
Understencil Wipe Cleaning Yields Improvements
03015 Component Inspection Considerations
Advantages of the Contaminometer™ AKA CM Series
No-Clean Paste Flux: Reflow Profiling and Electrical Reliability
Calendar Submit
Oct 21, 2014 - Connecticut Expo and Tech Forum
Oct 22, 2014 - Conformal Coating & Precise Fluid Dispensing Process Technologies Workshop
Oct 23, 2014 - Technical Study: Concentration Monitoring & Control Techniques
Oct 23, 2014 - Intermountain (Utah) Expo and Tech Forum
Oct 28, 2014 - “Wearable Electronics” - iMAPS New England Chapter Technical Meeting
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Quote of the Day
"Today the greatest divide within humanity is not between races, or religions, or even, as is widely believed, between the literate and illiterate. It is the chasm that separates scientific from prescientific cultures."
Edward O. Wilson
Test Your Knowledge
The financial ratio which divides a company's 'liquid assets' by 'current liabilities' is known by what popular term?
Answer: Acid Test (or 'Quick Ratio')
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