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July 19, 2019
Foxconn Denies Rumor of Chinese Factory Closures
The world's largest electronics contractor Foxconn denied it would close factories in the Chinese mainland to move in other countries. Moreover, on its official WeChat account, the company also refuted other rumors including mass layoffs, abandoning cooperation with Huawei, and standing with the US during the China-US trade dispute. Foxconn has been investing in the Chinese mainland for 31 years ...
China Daily
U.S. Trade Policies Have Not Triggered Reshoring
The tariffs that President Donald Trump has slapped on Chinese imports haven't sparked the widespread return of manufacturers to the U.S. that Trump envisioned, ...
EPS News
US Army & nScrypt Direct Digitally Manufacture 3D Printed Circuit Structure
Direct Digital Manufacturing is going from a CAD file to a final, multi-material electronic product in a single machine, without retooling, like this "Simon Says" game ...
Technical Paper
Is high-quality streamed audio an oxymoron?
Lossy compression has, if not already obvious to you, overwhelmingly captured the multimedia format distribution crown, not only for audio (the subject of this ...
Assessing the Impact of Lean on PCB Manufacturing
How To Get The Best Thermal Profile
Meter-Mix Dispensing Basics
Cleaning Process Compatibility with PCB Surface Finishes
High Reliability Alloy for Auto Apps
Dispelling Dry Storage Myths
Strategies For Ensuring a Smooth Assembly Process
New Generation of Conformal Coatings for Challenging Operating Environments
5 Science-Backed Ways to Boost Your Creativity
How's this for mad science: Within the next 15 years, people could elect to have their brains "zapped" to boost creativity in the workplace or classroom. ...
Remote-controlled Salmon Farms to Operate Off Norway by 2020
Tucked within Norway's fjord-riddled coast, nearly 3,500 fish pens corral upwards of 400 million salmon and trout. Not only does the country raise and ship more salmonoid ...
IEEE Spectrum
The Batteries That Powered the Lunar Module
When President Kennedy proposed, on September 12, 1962, that the US land a man on the Moon before the end of the decade, he set in motion a huge scientific and ...
Design News
Latest Apple Leaks Suggest Magical iPhone Will Struggle
Apple may be planning a number of revolutionary changes to the iPhone in 2020 (including 5G, a notchless display, and the return of TouchID), but there is the small ...
Step Stencil Setup
When shifting from standard solder paste stencils to step stencils, should we change the pressure or attack angle? Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, The Assembly Brothers ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Apollo 11: One Giant Leap
Fifty years ago on July 20th, mankind first set foot on another celestial body. It remains a singular moment, one of the few aspirational events in human history that ...
EE Times
Semi content in electronic systems to drop to 26.4% in 2019, says IC Insights
The 2019 global electronic systems market will grow 4% to US$1,680 billion, but the worldwide semiconductor market is expected to drop by 12% this year to ...
Warpage of Flexible-Board Assemblies with BGAs During Reflow and Post-Assembly
Failure in solder interconnects is a leading cause of reliability failure. Complexity of electronic assembly requires these lead-free interconnects to be reliable.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Global market share semiconductor industry
Nearly all supply chain market segments are on notice while US-China trade war outcome remains uncertain. For semiconductors, SEMI and SIA both expressed ...
Venture Outsource
The Internet As We Know it Needs 'a Complete Replacement'
Dominant Internet companies like Facebook and Google have been dogged by controversy in recent years. But there are efforts afoot to create an alternative, known ...
Rare earths are found in everyday items, from TVs to smartphones and fridges
There are 17 rare earth elements in the periodic table which, contrary to their name, are as abundant in the Earth's crust as tin or lead. Because rare earths are always ...
South China Morning Post
Jul 15, 2019: Semiconductor Reliability and Product Qualification Short Course (Singapore)
Jul 15, 2019: Vapour Phase & Convection Reflow with Lead Free – Selecting the Reflow Process
Jul 25, 2019: FREE Webinar - Defluxing Advanced Packages
Aug 8, 2019: Ohio Expo & Tech Forum
Aug 12, 2019: Conformal Coating - Successful Implementation & Quality Control Looking for a past web
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Suggested Limit for PCBA Heat Cycles
What is the suggested limit for the total number heating cycles that can be done on one PCB assembly? Our PCBs contain BGAs, leadless components and large fine 
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What is the name of the family of metals that gold belongs to?
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