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Bob LePage

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Sales Engineer
Circuit Technology Center

Mr. LePage has been a key member of the team at Circuit Technology Center since 1996. He has vast expertise, experience and understanding of complex circuit board rework, repair and modification operations. He is one of the most knowledgeable experts in this area across the globe.

Bob LePage has submitted responses to the following questions.
Is Pre Bake Standard for Rework
As a provider of contract PCB level damage repair and rework services, it us our standard practice is to pre-bake ...
Rework of Underfilled Array Packages
The answer to your question and rework approach depends on the type of underfill. We often find that the so-called ...
BGA Rework - with or without solder paste
As several others have pointed out above, utilizing a rework process that most closely replicates the original manufacturing process is ...
Any "Standards" on pad repairs?
I can't tell you how many times this question has been asked of us over the years. While the IPC ...
Lead-free connector rework
Excellent question. No doubt this will be a tricky rework requiring the proper approach to avoid damaging the assembly. As ...
Repair and Rework PCB
Excellent question! While the repair of lifted pads,lands and traces requires a highly skilled operator with the proper training toachieve ...
Burned Chip Repair
That damage shown can certainly be reliably repaired and the board restored. As other experts above noted, the IPC 7711/7721 ...
Reworked BGA Component Bridging at the Corners
What you describe is certainly not an unheard of phenomenon during BGA rework. Assuming proper moisture handling protocols were followed ...