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Amit Bahl

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Director of Sales and Marketing
Sierra Circuits

Amit Bahl started to work at Sierra Circuits in 2006 where he formed strong relationships with his customers working with them on flex PCBs, HDI, controlled impedance, etc. In 2009, he was promoted Director of Sales and Marketing.

Amit Bahl has submitted responses to the following questions.
Shelf Life Limit for Soldering Old Components
Active components, including semiconductors, oscillators, and diodes, etc., can be accepted, if less than 2 years old. They must pass ...
Tarnished OSP Circuit Boards
After OSP application, the panels must be dried immediately and all holes must be blown out to ensure no residual ...
Pad Missing ENIG Plating
If the pads were not plated because of the design of the board, then OSP is a good solution. Note ...