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Tod Cummins

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Director of Corporate Quality Assurance
Delta Group Electronics Inc.

Tod has been working in the Aerospace Electronics Industry for 20+ years, beginning with 4 years working for PCB fabricator ending as the Quality Manager and 16 years with Delta Group Electronics Inc. an AS9100 registered electronics contract manufacture. Currently position is Director of Corporate Quality Assurance.

Tod Cummins has submitted responses to the following questions.
Shelf Life Limit for Soldering Old Components
Component shelf life is really an OEM specification and I would expect the OEM to determine shelf life based on ...
Pad Missing ENIG Plating
I suggest maintaining the original ENIG is the required finish. While the skipped pads are all that appears to be ...
Cleaning Under Low Clearance Components
We place thousands of the leadless components with center thermal pads that would be considered low clearance. All done with ...
Moisture Sensitivity Level for Bare Boards
We do not include PCB's in the MSL program. JSTD-033 is specific to surface mount devices. We do have a ...
Specific Solder To Control Dendritic Growth
Generally what I see is solder type is recommended, not specific brand or part number. However, I do run across ...
IPC-A-610 Class 3 - IPC-A-600 Class 2
In short - yes you can have a class 2 PCB and class 3 PCBA. Keep in min that both ...
Two Year Component Date Code Mandate
I have run into this requirement for a couple of customers over the years, however I have not seen it ...
Recommended Fiducial Shape
What type of equipment is rejecting this as a fiducial? Possibly a plus symbol (+) would work if your equipment ...
What Is This Contamination?
Very difficult to determine the cause from the pictures provided, however there appears to be a conformal coat or potting ...