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Stephen Schoppe

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Process Sciences, Inc.

Stephen Schoppe is President of Process Sciences, Inc., and has 19 years experience providing SMT services to electronics manufacturers. Stephen provides consulting to several Fortune 500 clients on solder and SMT processes, and is a frequent guest speaker at SMT industry events.

Stephen Schoppe has submitted responses to the following questions.
Water Wash vs. No-clean
From a CM point of view there would be no reason to add the extra step of cleaning to the ...
Tough Hand Soldering Problem
To offer possible solutions I would need to understand the surface finishes, solder materials and details about your process methods. ...
How To Rework SMT Connector with Center Ground Strip
Reworking the connector you describe is similar to reworking an array device. I would recommend hot air as the heating ...
Legend Marking Discoloration
I will make the assumption that you are using hot air to perform the rework. If this is true you ...
BGA Joint Voids - Accept or Reject?
What you have heard about voidsincreasing mechanical reliability in BGA solder joints is not necessarilyuntrue. I am familiar with research ...
PoP Assembly Options
Consider Option 3 for high volumeprocesses - Place all components in normal SMT, including the bottom package.Then place the top ...