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David Bao

Director New Product Development
Metallic Resources, Inc
David Bao has more than fifteen years of experience in developing new solder paste, wave soldering fluxes and other SMT consumables. He currently serves as the Director of New Product Development at Metallic Resources Inc. He received a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Oklahoma State University.

David Bao has submitted responses to the following questions.
Wave Solder Pot Alloy Adjustment Formula
The formula for adding pure tin to restore the alloy to 63/37 is: W(Sn) = (0.63-0.624)*W(ap)/0.37 W(Sn): Weight of tin ...
BGA Joint Voids - Accept or Reject?
This BGA definitely has too much voiding and needs to be corrected. Whenever this much voiding forms in a single BGA, ...
Reliability of Automated Soldering vs. Hand Soldering
It is a well-known fact that hand soldering is a much less controlled process than the SMT process. If it ...
Reduced pH and Specific Gravity of Flux
If the same flux is used, when both pH value and the specific gravity are reduced, it usually means the ...
Solder Paste Life on the Stencil
Since the original solder paste has been mostly replaced with the fresh paste, you do not have to change the ...