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James DiBurro

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Round Rock Consulting

Following a successful 20 year career within world class OEMs and EMS providers including Honeywell, Bull Electronics, IBM, Celestica and Plexus, James founded Round Rock Consulting a business consultancy focused on supporting OEMs and EMS providers with product realization strategies.

James DiBurro has submitted responses to the following questions.
Circuit Board Bow and Twist
Assuming the reflow process and zone temperatures have not changed (which you should verify with thermocouples attached to various sections ...
Extending Shelf Life for Jars of Solder Paste
You may want to consider storing the Paste at a lower temp. -40°c is optimum. ...
PCBA Transport Between Facilities
You don't mention the content, complexity or volumes which could all affect my suggestions, but in general a multi-pack 'pigeon ...
Solder Paste Viscosity
Viscosity, also referred to often as Thixotropy, or slump, is primarily a function of the amount, size and shape of ...
Solder Paste Alloy Check
The best way to see which ones were run with lead free solder paste is to use an XRF analyzer ...