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Mike Green
Design Engineering
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Mike Green is co-chairman of the IPC Terms and Definitions Committee. He has been working with board design and manufacturing for 33 years.

Mike Green has submitted responses to the following questions.
BGA Joint Voids - Accept or Reject?
 Here's my thoughts: That's the rattiest looking BGA  joint I've ever seen, and I've seen X-sections of hundreds of BGAs  ...
Insufficient Barrel Fill on Through-hole Components
Guidance from IPC-2222 Revision A For better fill, some possible solutions are: a slower conveyor speed on the wave solder ...
Fastening Surface Mounted Connectors Before or After Refow?
Applying torque to the fasteners of a connector that has been previously soldered will impart stress to the solder joints. ...
Acceptable Conductor Repair
See IPC 7721, 4.2.4  Conductor Repair Surface Wire Method for a methodology.  But, this method may not be acceptable for ...
Soldering Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
You need a controlled thermal environment to avoid cracking the ceramic for both soldering operations. Use reflow with a controlled ...
Soldering Wires to SMT Pads
We have a library part for #22 AWG that is .040 X .060.  Our requirements are .050 minimum solder joint ...