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Jeff Ferry

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Circuit Technology Center, Inc.

Mr. Ferry is President of Circuit Technology Center, a world-leading contractor for the repair and rework of assembled circuit boards founded in 1983. Jeff also serves as Publisher of Circuitnet and Semiconductor Packaging News.

Jeff Ferry has submitted responses to the following questions.
Repair Teflon coated PCB's
Sorry to say I'm not familiar with any specs on Teflon board repair. As a long-time member of the IPC ...
Soldering wire on through-hole pad
Not sure if I wouild call it a standard, I think it may be more of a guideline. See some ...
Jumper wire guidelines
There is an excellent guide on the Circuit Technology Center website. Visit the following pages for details: http://www.circuitrework.com/guides/6-1.html http://www.circuitrework.com/guides/6-3.html ...
Remove and replace a 240 pin connector
Multip pin connectors can be a bear to remove. I'm sure we would use a solder fountain to tackle such ...
Aqueous Cleaning Process
We routinely use isopropyl alcohol for simple bench top cleaning during repair and rework. IPC has a somewhat involved procedure ...
Repair lifted/damaged pads on Teflon substrates
Teflon is a bit more difficult to bond a replacement pads to, but certainly can be done. We have a ...