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Roger Gibbs

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Managing Director

Twenty years ago Mr. Gibbs, Managing Director of PDR, produced the first rework system based on Focused Infra-Red light energy. PDR now has a 3,500-strong global installation list with top OEMs and EMS providers.

Roger Gibbs has submitted responses to the following questions.
Double Sided BG
In my opinion, you have toaccept that the lower BGAs will get quite close to reflow, due to positionrelative to ...
Rework Metal BGA's
We are possible the manufacturer of your rework system - PDR. We use a 'black conductive tape' which does two ...
BGA Rework - with or without solder paste
In my opinion, it must be best to try and replicate the original SMT process during rework. Therefore, one would ...
BGA Rework and Repair
Thank you for the question. My belief is in rework you try and replicate the original production process...as much as ...
Problems with defect BGA connections on large BGA's and on ENIG plated boards
In my opinion....40% of the task is materials/solderability....20% is mechanics (alignment/placement/pcb+component handling)....40% is thermal profile. I would look at making ...