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Michael Kirschner

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Design Chain Associates, LLC

Mr. Kirschner is President of Design Chain Associates, LLC, focused on helping electronics OEMs comply with RoHS/WEEE requirements, and speeding time-to-market, reducing product cost, and increasing engineering and procurement efficiency.

Michael Kirschner has submitted responses to the following questions.
Can Solder Joint Geometry Change Resistance?
Whywould higher resistance - presumably in series with the battery powered unit - result in higher current? Higher resistance results ...
Leaded Solder on ROHS Compliant Parts
If the product is supposed to be RoHS-compliant then yes, it is a potential legal problem because it may no ...
Halogen Free PCB legislation
Outside of San Francisco, there is no current legislation or regulation (and there is no such thing as 'global legislation' ...
RoHS exemption for agricultural equipment in Europe
EU RoHS does not apply to electrical and electronic products specifically intended for vehicles. The FAQ, recently updated, non-binding, and ...
RoHS compliance for SMT and Through-hole equipment
Depends on what the equipment is and what category (as defined in the WEEE directive and referenced in the RoHS ...