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Markus Wilkens

Mr. Wilkens has been working in the SMD industry for over 10 years. He came to the USA in 1999 to start up the operations for ASYS, a global company with a product portfolio including Handling Systems, Marking Systems, Depaneling Systems, Screen Printers and end of line Automation.

Markus Wilkens has submitted responses to the following questions.
Automated VS Manual Depanelization
Depaneling is a major concern for almost anybody in a flexible manufacturing environment. The problem is that all manual technologies ...
Pre clean boards before printing
There are several different cleaning methods available, depending on the contamination and the location in the SMD line. One solution ...
Depaneling equipment
ASYS can offer a wide product range for inline (6 different systems) and offline (3 different) depaneling systems. Nowadays most ...