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David Suihkonen

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R&D Technical Services Inc.

David is President at R&D Technical Services, a vapor phase reflow oven manufacturer. he has 20 plus years experience in the vapor phase reflow industry.

David Suihkonen has submitted responses to the following questions.
Solder Balls During Rework
Asto solder balls during reflow, you may find you need a bit more solderconditioning via preheat before processing through the ...
Black Land Edges
Couple of questions.Does the black material clean off? What type of preheat are you using?Solder and flux type?I'd be happy ...
Intermittent BGA Test Problems
It sounds as though you're not getting proper wetting of the solder under the BGA. If I had to guess, ...
How many zones are adequate for lead free profile
I guess you are assuming the use of convection reflow for your lead free application when you mention "how many ...